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Will there be larger versions of the H50?


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hello all, first post,


Anyway I have a H50 cooler and an 800D case, both I think are great, especialy the case... WOW...


Ok, back on topic, I was wondering if Corsair is thinking about coming out with a larger version of the H50 to make use of the 800D's 3fan radiator location on the top of the case? I would think, people really into overclocking would like this, and with a radiator this large, maybe it could be a fanless option for quiteness.


Thanks again for the great products, and working with the community!



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I second the notion above. Lot of cases with 120x2 side by side fans that due to clearance won't fit anything bigger than the size of the fans, an H50 that was a 120x240 and maybe a bit thinner than the 27mm would be awesome for being fitted internally in even some HTPC cases that the only cooling is 2 120mm fans side by side.
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