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Voltage Issues with TX650W. Please advise.


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Hello all. Thanks for taking a quick sec to help. I've had issues with my system for a couple months now (lock ups, BSoDs, non responsive video drivers and sudden crashes with no warning.) I swapped the hdd for a spare and reinstalled windows. No change...Then I replaced the mobo and cpu thinking a zealous OC may have been the cause. Most problems stopped except for the video drivers stop responding spontaneously even when idle. There is also no video from post until the desktop loads.


Hooking video to onboard graphics fixes these issues.


I started wondering about the psu. I asked about it being the posible problem in another forum and was told probably not. Then I checked the voltages using Everest and CPUID and they do not look right. Here's the results:



+2.5 = 2.08v

+3.3 = 1.15v

+5 = 4.92v

+12 = 3.01v

+5 standby = 1.48v




VIN1 = 2.08v

+3.3 = 1.15v

+5 = 4.95v

+12 = 3.01v

-12 = -14.27

-5 = -9.54v


The CPUID voltages are the max shown but they do not fluctuate much if at all.


Is the psu bad?


Thanks for reading and any help you can provide.



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Ok cool. Thanks for the reply.


I checked in the bios and voltages looked good. Never even crossed my mind...


Here's what I got:

vcore = 1.35v

3.3 = 3.326v

5 = 4.919v

12 = 12.019


Sorry, I kinda flaked on this one.


Thanks for your help!


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