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VS4GSDSKIT800D2 in Jetway NC81-LF


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- Mainboard: Jetway NC81-LF mini ITX bord, socket AM2+, SB700, 780G, 128MB sideport memory

- CPU: AMD Sempron 140, socket AM3

- Memory: Corsair VS4GSDSKIT800D2 4GB kit (2x2GB) SODIMM PC2-6400, 5-5-5-18-2T



The system acts instable. I tried FreeBSD 6.2 (64-bit), FreeBSD 7.0RC1 (64-bit) and Xubuntu 8.1 (32-bit). Mostly I experience kernel panics caused by general protection faults, so naturally memory is suspect. The past week I spent testing 4GB of memory


Relevant BIOS settings

- DCTs Mode = Ganged / Unganged

- Internal graphics mode = Sideport / Sideport + UMA (with UMA, Memtest86 only sees 3840MB instead of 4096MB)

- Timing: 5-6-6-18 (BIOS default) / 5-5-5-18 (Corsair spec)

- CPU Internal Cache: Enabled / Disabled

- External Cache: Enabled / Disabled


Test results with different settings

No code has to be inserted here.



- The BIOS fail-safe defaults are 5-6-6-18-2T with a VDIMM of 1.95V, DCTs is set to unganged, DRAM clock = DDR 800.

- Testing 4GB with fail-safe defaults Memtest86+ reports many errors in test #5 (Block move) and #7 (random sequential write).

- Testing each module separate with fail-safe defaults didn't yield any errors when testing.

- The results show relatively few errors in "ganged" mode.

- Without exception all faillures have err-bits 00000080 which I interpret to mean that it's alway the same bit that is read back wrong.

- Running the same test multiple times yields faillures on random memory addresses. A second pass report other addresses as the pass before it.

- Memtest86+ cannot read the SPI.



- Is the memory broken or might BIOS settings cause instability?

- I saw one error reported on address 001302618b8 (4866.3MB). This is way beyond 4GB. Can I trust this?

- Is DCT unganged mode supposed to work on single core processor?

- What BIOS settings would be required to make this stable? I have many BIOS settings to fine tune, but the mainboard manual is of no help to describe what each settings does.

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Many thanks for the suggestions. I changed the clock to DDR667 and it seems very stable now. According to the Sempron processsor key architecture, the IMC supports up to DDR667 at best.


I also dropped VDIMM to 1.85V because of the conclusion of this review where they found the default overvoltage of the memory unacceptable.


What bugs me a bit is that, given the installed CPU and DIMMS, the BIOS fail-safe defaults are wrong. The memory test will certainly fail with the defaults.

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