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Deadly CMPSU-750TX?


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Hi guys, new poster here, but long-time user of corsair memory.



My motherboard died an untimely death after hooking up my new 750TX. I am looking for details on whatever RMA coverage I may get through Corsair.


Full story:

I recently bought this 750TX upon deciding to try a multi-GPU graphics solution. I performed a routine PSU swap with my old Antec Neopower unit. I followed all the rules of thumb--set motherboard to defaults, anti-static wristband, disconnect the system from power, drain system power by pressing power button while disconnected. I performed a minimal POST after the swap, and everything looked good.


This is where it got weird. After the minimal POST, I went on to reconnect my hard drives and successfully boot into the OS. The motherboard was still on default settings. After about 2 minutes of having the OS up and running, the system underwent a sudden hard failure. It shut down and would not turn back on--even using the convenient power button directly on my motherboard, no device turns on at all.


I have since tried swapping my old PSU back into the system, resetting the BIOS and clearing the CMOS on my motherboard, and my motherboard diagnostics all point to board failure. I do not know whether the CPU, Memory, GPU or disk drives are okay... does anyone have any intuition as to whether or not they might have escaped unscathed from a board death? Any input would definitely help me in my decision about where to go from here.


Anyways, I am now afraid to test this PSU in another computer to see if it is faulty. This would be my first time seeking support for a corsair product... any information about PSU failure coverage or the RMA process would be greatly appreciated!



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