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Asus P6T + TR3X6G1600C8D not beyond 1066


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Hi all,

Sinse the topic states "Asus P6t + TR3X6G1600C8D not beyond 1066 " I think I can post my question here.

Obviously I have the same board and RAM. BIOS is 0801. If I set RAM to XMP in the BIOS the computer locks up at least once a day. I had this setting for a week and EVERY day it would stop responding to anything. Would not give any error messages. After trying to eliminate all hardware/software issues (couldn't find any, btw) I thought about XMP. Sure enough, when I returned the BIOS setting to Auto, this lockup desapeared. It is only a second day but I think this is it.

When I had it on XMP, the two values in the BIOS where in red colour - QPI/DRAM Core voltage [1.35000] and DRAM Bus voltage [1.66].

And here is the question: is it not enough to set memory profile to XMP? Do I need to adjust some settings also? If so, which ones? and to what values?

Thank you.

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OK, thanks. I'll try this, there is no hurm in it sinse I am running everything on defaults now anyway. However I don't understand how clearing cmos can help me. . If everything in BIOS set to auto - everything works fine. If I set Ai overclock tuner to XMP, the PC locks up. Am I missing some settings?

Thank you

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