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X32 performance problem


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I've got a new X32 and using it as my OS drive running W7 x64.


I own 3 other SSD all 30GB with similar specs as the X32. I do benchmarks on each of those drives when I first got them just to make sure they are installed and configured correctly and reach close to advertised speeds.


When I did this for the X32 I found the performance to be much lower than the other 3 SSDs that I have (all in different systems). I've done tests in both AHCI and IDE mode and both gave me read rates of below 180 and write rates of around 55. My other drives return around 220/80 in read/write. I ran wiper.exe and it didn't improve the numbers either.


Normally I don't worry too much about bench results but I can actually feel the difference. When I am installing something on the X32 W7 would be at a crawl. Often pausing even browsing a web page. CPU and RAM usage both low. So there is something not right here. The drive is installed on SATA0 on the mobo and I have 2 other HDD (1 SATA on SATA1 and 1 PATA). My DVDRW is on one of the SATA too.


Can some one help me out so I can get this drive to run at it's optimum or at least advertised rates?


No custom OC on components.


Thank you

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Can anyone help?


While competing SSD brand is releasing new FW to support TRIM, this forum is filled with posts about missing and dead drives. There are so many of them and with no real solution apart from RMA...


I thought I'd give Corsair a go rather than sticking with the compition. So far it's proven a mistake.

I don't mind doing tweaks to get the advertised performance but so far all known ones are not helping...


Having said that, I love the RAM and PSU! No hesitations there.


Please if you can help, post a reply. It's my main system and it's affecting my daily work with the slow downs.

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