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What is the "code" for RAM products?


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Ram Guy,


I'm trying to figure out the "code" for how you name RAM products, so I don't need to go back to the Corsair website every time I'm looking a some online store or price comparison site. Or even reading Forum posts. :D:



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I made a FAQ to decipher the part numbers months ago but it hasn't been approved as of yet. No idea why they chose this new part number system since it looks similar to the single stick part numbers.


What's the big deal? It might save some customer confusion. :roll: And who knows, maybe even more sales. :roll:

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TR3X6G1600C8D - that's what i have


I never did manage to figure out the first part (TR3X in my case. i guess it has something to do with triple channels, but then there's stuff like CMX and CMD)


6G - total memory of the kit

1600 - frequency

C8 - latency

D - dominator

If mine came bundled with the AirFlow fan it would also have an F suffix.


So yeah the capacity, latency and frequency are pretty obvious, but the first part is a little confusing.

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