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Budget system with H50 question


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I recently upgraded from an AMD socket 939 dual core (XP90 with 92mm tornado) with DFI Infinity to an Intel core 2 quad 9550 (stock cooler) with Asus P5Q turbo and a sapphire 4850 1 gig with HDMI for graphics (I'm on a strict budget so no high end processor, motherboard or graphics unfortunately) and I'm using my old SATA hard and optical drives for the moment.


I had been concerned about what cooler to buy for the cpu until I stumbled across the H50 today... like the idea of using 2 fans for a push pull setup.:biggrin:


The case I'm using is also new but unfortunately not Corsair's Obsidian 800D :[pouts:... although a full tower case with plenty of integrated fans with the option to install a side case fan.

I'm worried that the north bridge cooling (passive without heat pipes) will suffer due to the suggested direction of flow of the fans for the radiator... or am I just being paranoid?


PS: At this time I'm still using my old 460 watt psu but looking forward to purchasing the HX650 or TX750 so as to really take advantage of this new build.



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If you are worried about the airflow, you can mount the fan on the radiator pointing in whichever direction you like, however we have seen that for the lowest CPU temps, you will get the best performance by having the fan blow air into the case through the radiator. From our tests the actual difference in ambient temperature inside the case barely changed in relationship to the direction of the fan.
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Hi guys,


I have the H50 installed in my case and it's running wonderfully, here are a few pics:



I replaced the fan that came with the cooler for a Delta fan that I had lying around. It's quite powerful, suits my needs and is hooked up to a Sunbeam fan controller.




Cable management with the TX950 is not what I'd call easy but doable in the case that I have.



I salvaged the stock H50 fan to help cool my memory... waste not, want not!



Finally a picture from the bios showing temperatures and note that I used a thermocouple inserted into the fins of the North bridge heat sink displayed on a Fluke 744 calibrator


With this setup I need not worry about CPU temps. Thanks Corsair!:biggrin:

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