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x2 of XMS2 6400C4 1024 - Computer Freezing


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I've got a matched pair of XMS2 6400C4 1024 and my computer has started to freeze while in windows, the bios and any booted CD/DVD (memtest, UBCD).


I have run memtest86 v4.00, but as of yet i have had trouble with both sticks in to run the test as it freezes, tried both the blue and yellow slots; it freezes in the yellow slots and won't even boot in the blue slots.


I have put them individually as well and with one of them in it the computer will not boot, but managed to get memtest to run with the other one and it is letting me do the test but it's going to take a while to finish.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Any thoughts on if it is the memory at fault?

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