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CMPSU-400CXEU - will it power my graphics card


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Hej: I was wondering do you guys think this power supply will be ok for my graphics card I dont really play many games only Fifa 09-10 It does recommend 450 watts but was hoping I could get away with the 400 CX.


At the moment I have a bog standerd 250 watts PSU but its unable to power the card under load.


I know everyone will say get a more powerful PSU but moneys so tight.


Any thought welcome.

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Thanks for replys....I'm only getting my head round this PSU stuff....just been having a read about my card and people are saying at least 30 amps is needed (does that make sense)..."X1950 Pro____________ 24W-36W-66W" did'nt really get that.


Anyway I think I'll go get me one.


Many thanks.

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