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2 kits of CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 usable on AMD Phenom II?


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So anyways, I bought some ram that I "figured" would be ok with my new Phenom II system, but I seem to have some instabilities trying to run 4 sticks even at default settings. This ram is marketed by Corsair as usuable for i5/i7 systems, not AMD. By instabilities I mean rebooting is hit or miss. Sometimes it works at defualt 1333mhz speeds, and sometimes at 1600 speeds. The bios detects the normal and XMP speeds. I have tried hard-setting the timings/voltage.


So my question, is this ram specifically manufactured to work with Intel systems as opposed to working with both Intel and AMD? In the past most XMSxx series has been pretty much universally compatible. I got caught off-guard in this case, and cannot return the ram (go Newegg!!) This board is very new, it's not even in the Corsair configuration system yet.


Hopefully Ram Guy can find some settings to work with AMD in his magic bag of tricks.

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