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3 dead hard drives - what about motherboard and PSU?


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On the verge of tears.




[You can see the HX520, the Molex Converter on top of the hard drive, and the blackened under portion of a hard drive (the middle one)


I made my first (and only system) 2 years ago, with a raptor hard disk, couple of other hard disks, corsair hx520 etc. Been working so far without a glitch. Until.........i decided to add one more hard disk 3 days ago.


Due to lack of other cables, I used the MOLEX TO SATA converter plug to get one additional plug for the new WD hard drive i was going to install. Plugged everything in and booted. Right then, i smelt smoke/burning. Switched off right away, opened case, but couldn't "SEE" anything wrong. I was wondering if the power wasn't enough for an additional disk. And I wondered what burnt. I unplugged all the power,data sata cables. Couldn't find anything. So I plugged them all back (without the new hard drive), while the case was open. I powered on and saw "FIRE" where the molex converter cable connected to one of the seagate (my old) hard disks. Powered off again, this time knowing for sure that the drive was dead.


I am only semi literate regarding computer stuff. I posted in an online forum and they suggested too, that the problem probably was with the molex to sata converter cable (Remember: i never had to use that converter in these 2 years).


After testing the hard drives on my other computer, i figured that both my NEW WD hard drive and OLD SEAGATE hard drive are FRIED! The comp. won't even detect them. I can actually see the "Burn" (blackened portion) on the under side of one of the hard disks. Now, I thought that was the end of my problems. After removing the fried ones, I booted the comp. with just the supposedly good drives (my raptor and the other seagate). It booted fine. But I felt some problems accessing the seagate drive from windows. System getting stuck while accessing the seagate drive etc. Then the drive started making sounds. Then the system won't even boot when both drives are connected. But when I remove the seagate one, it booted fine. I tried backing up data from the seagate using acronis. But it didn't detect the drive. I plugged the seagate on the other computer and it was detecting it "better". I was able to back up data; but the drive got very very hot real fast, kept on making noises. I couldn't use it anymore once I backed up the data.


Why did my Q6600 not boot when both drives were connected; while the other computer did? Was part of my motherboard fried too? Did the HX520 go bad? Or is it just the hard drives that have the problem?


So right now, I have 3 non-working hard drives, a motherboard with possible malfunction, a PSU (hx520) with possible malfunction. All because I tried to add one more hard drive with the FAULTY Molex to Sata converter plug. How was I to know it was faulty?


I am trying my best to get the drives replaced (since they are still under warranty). But it will depend on my lucky stars since they don't usually replace drives due to PSU issues. My last couple of days have been spent talking to guys at Dell, seagate, WD and testing out my computers, hard drives, psu etc.


The best case scenario would be:

the motherboard and PSU don't have a problem;

they will replace my hard drives (i will spend about US$70 to get the replacement hard drives in advance before i send the defective ones)

and my comp. will be back up and running in 10 days from now


I almost threw away the Molex to Sata converter, so that I never use that again. Then I thought: I will be out of 70 bucks even with the best case scenario. If it was a case of fried PSU, i could just ship it back and wait for the new one. Now, will Corsair compensate for my losses? Thought I will try my luck with Corsair support. Let me see what help they would provide me. I retrieved the plug, registered on this site and made my first post.


Now, i will just wait for your response.




p.s. very sorry if this is not the right section to post my rant; please move it to the correct section if applicable. thanks.



p.s. forgot this: one reason i am suspecting motherboard/psu damage as well is because my 2nd seagate hard drive also stopped working (as i mentioned before). This drive was NOT connected to the molex converter. So I am thinking, the molex converter:

1) fried the 2 hard drives it was connected to

2) did something to the motherboard/psu and damaged them

3) the above made the other seagate hard drive stop working too

Now, the last thing i want is my raptor hard drive which is working at the moment to slowly show signs of malfunction and add to my budget. I am a university student for heaven's sake, on loans.

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1)Bought the WD drive (the new one i was planning to install) from dell.ca

(it is under the 30 day return policy from dell; as well as 5 year manuf's from WD : but only if they are okay with this power problem)


2)All hard drives were in the case. I took them out now, to get the serial numbers; and to get them ready to be shipped :(:

It took them out after they got fried, actually, to test them on my other computers.


p.s. Drives were laid along as shown, just for the photo; to get the drives, blackened portion, hx520, molex connector etc

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that happened to you but it looks to be the adapter cable that is at fault from what you have posted. If I understand what you have posted?

The system was working fine with 2 HDD's using the S-ATA Power cables from the PSU, and this problem happened after you used that adapter with a new third HDD! Is that correct?

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Thanks for the response Ramguy.


Yes, you understood me correctly. The system was working fine with the SATA cables that came with the PSU. But the FAULTY adapter that came with the Corsair PSU fried my 3 hard disks.


Please reply.

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Hadn't considered that at all. I can't remember myself buying a separate molex converter cable in the last couple of years. Are you SURE it isn't supplied with the Corsair package? If then, i guess i bought it from somewhere (or came with my cpu/motherboard package?).


All the sata cables supplied with my Corsair PSU isn't enough for my 4 hard disks and 2 dvd drives.

What is the chance you will ship me a psu cable with 2 or 3 sata power connectors? It will be way better than me looking for a converter from somewhere.


Thanks Ramguy. Sorry i hadn't considered that at all (if you are sure).

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I sent an email to that address with all the details you asked for.


I will let you know what happens.


And I want you to know that I really appreciate this help. After all, it was not Corsair's fault. Thanks again and sorry about my wrong assumption.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Ram Guy.......i am back


Joseph Ocbina (marketing support) replied to my email saying "the item would be sent right away". The email was on Oct 16.


Last Tuesday, I sent another email asking if he could tell me about the status. No reply yet.


It has only been 2 weeks. But I was wondering if you could check the status for me.



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Hi Ram Guy


I received it today. 2 cables with 3 connectors each. Was more than what I had asked for.


So thank you very much.


If anyone didn't know it already, RAM GUY is the best.


I have thanked Joseph too. He provided excellent service.


Thanks again and have a good one.

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