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Lost all data on my X128 drive


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Hi. So ive been using my p128 replacementdrive, the x128 with windows 7 rtm for 1 month or so.. and suddenly the other day i got a quick bluescreen, and failure to boot OS. I reconnected the drive to test the cable, and i got some nice garble texts on top of my screen after bios post...

So i connected my vista hdd and mounted the ssd as a part of the raid ICH10 setup in singlemode modus. The drive came up in vista.. but all data was gone.. Tried ntfs recovery but could only get a few fragments...

So now im dissapointed with my 2nd corsair product... And im a little bit unsure to what i should do.. I got a x128 drive dusting away...



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Sorry i can see that i was a bit unprecise. I connected it to the raid controller, but not as part of the raid.

And another thing was that the drive had a NTFS filesystem, but it was empty, and if it was of a raid, one had to reformat it for windows to be able to mount it.


Best regards TE

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