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tx650w fan controller acting weird.


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on a newly put together system, the psu fan is seemingly overactive. it will go for max effect right away when the computer boots, stay there for a little while, then drop down to near zero. fine and as expected. I thought. A few seconds later, it hits max again, for between 10 and 40 seconds, drop down to inaudible levels again, only to go to max again a few seconds later. it keeps jumping from nothing to max and back to nothing again for as long as the computer is turned on. temperature of the output air is indistinguishable from room temperature with my hand. (scientific, I know.)


the way I see it, if it was overloaded, it would never drop to nothing, and the temperature should at least be noticeably higher, no? seeing as other psu's with varialbe fan speeds I've had has been silent (ish) even when significantly hotter than room temp.

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