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HX620...seems to have died


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Turned on my other PC last night to transfer some files, and there was a 'pop' from the innards. Absolutely nothing happens when the power switch is turned 'on'.

I have taken the PSU out and tried the jumper test with a couple of fans connected, and it is completely dead.


I am guessing that my lovely HX620 is deceased.


These things happen.................I bought it when they first came out from Novatech on 19th Sept. 2006.


I guess I need to RMA it back for a replacement ?


There is no panic as I still have my HX1000 machine purring away, but would like to get it back into service soonest.

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Update.............finally got the RMA number to return my PSU.


Found that the problem was that it blew a fuse every time I tried the jumper test.


Just to make sure, I applied the jumper test to two other PSU's that I know work and they fired up every time to spin the fans.


I had to make sure that I didn't embarrass myself or waste Corsairs time by sending back a perfectly good unit.....:o::biggrin:


p.s. I am assuming that I just send back the unit itself, and not all the cables + accessories that came with it ?

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