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Computer randomly shuts down / reboot


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I got a problem with a computer that randomly shuts down and reboots. Sometimes with a BSOD saying an "uncontrollable hardware error has occurred", sometimes as if I was to hit the reset switch.


The bsod does not tell of any HEX-code or *.sys error. Never seen this screen before.


These shutdowns/reboots occur seemingly completely random. Whether it be directly after boot up or after 3hours of operation.


This started a few weeks ago, it happened maybe once or twice a week but started to become more frequently until I finally got enough of it(rebooting 3+ times a day).


Started troubleshooting the whole thing. What I've done so far:

Reinstalled OS

Installed speedfan and checked voltage/temperatures

Scanned all hdd's for corrupt sectors

Ran Memtest

Disconnected drives and hardware piece by piece until critical minimum(psu, cpu, 1 ram module, 1hdd)

Ran all my four rammodules solo

Disassembled the computer completely besides removing the cpu/heatsink and made sure there was nothing to short on.

Switched powercord to a brand new.

Tried another socket/room.

Made sure the sockets had a solid 230V(europe/sweden).


After I assembled it back together the computer became even worse. Rebooting either in the bootup sequence or 5min into windows.


Late last night I noticed some increased stability when I disconnected the PATA drives and only kept my (newly bought) SATA drive. I cannot confirm this yet though as I was up all night trying to get it running but I had a good stable session of 2hours formatting my new sata-drive. When I connected the PATA drives again the computer immediately started rebooting again.


All these tests/trials passed and nothing seemed to help. Only thing I couldn't troubleshoots for sure is mobo,cpu and psu. Im asking if anyone here might be able to tell whether it's the PSU failing or something else.

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