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need timings for my TW3X4G1600C9DHX


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hi there, i have problem with my rams, my screen freezes at any time but not always when i am in windows or while i play game. i have 4 gb 1600 mhz cl9 ddr3 ram, i need timings for it in bios, need good configuration. When i also test my rams with memtest86 program. I can see errors called failing addresses. and voltage is 1.8V like as in corsair site.


Need bios Configuration as follows :


CAS# Latency:

RAS to CAS R/W Delay:

Row Precharge Time:

Minimum RAS Active Time:

1T/2T Command Timing: ?? T

TwTr Command Delay: ?? T

Trfc0 for DIMM1: ??

Trfc2 for DIMM2: ??

Trfc1 for DIMM3:??

Trfc3 for DIMM4:??

Write Recovery Time: ?? T

Precharge Time: ?? T

Row Cycle Time: ?? T

RAS to RAS Delay: ?? T

DQS Training Control: ?? [skip DQS]

CKE Power Down Mode: [disable]

CKE Power Down Control: [per channel]

Memclock tri-stating: [disabled]

Bank Swizzle Mode: [disabled]


Also if there are other things that i forget, please you add it. Need urgent reply.Thanks in advance...

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As it states in the rules, please wait 24 hours before bumping a post. Also, posting in the correct area helps. Thread moved.


Memory Timings (From the FAQ area):



Everything else should be set to auto (aside from memory voltage of course), as they're more motherboard timings than memory timings.

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