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800D Problems


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I had a problem with the Evga 295 video card and the Evga E758 Motherboard. Installing this card was a big effort---I had to push very hard on the card to secure it on back of case with screws.This took several frustrating minutes. When I installed a Gigabyte UD5 motherboard with same card, the card went in very smoothly in the 800D case.


Installing a hard drive with the black clips went smoothly enough, however, the hard drive is not 100% secure. May the hd be installed with screws instead of the clips? I do not see hd screws in the box---maybe I missed them.


A serious omission is not providing a "complete product manual" online as stated in the Quick Start Guide. Many cases come only with a brief guide, however, if your going to tell hundreds of buyers there is a complete guide online it should be there!


I ordered a second 800D a few days ago, so I still believe this case is a very good one.

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In your quick start guide there is a diagram that shows pictures of all the included screws and a description of how they should be used. You'll notice that the same screws used to secure the mobo to the case are also used to secure hdd's to the trays.


Hope this sheds some light for you.

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