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HX850W and Tyan S7002


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Hello all, I am planning to build my new workstation.


I would like to use Tyan's S7002 motherboard for two Intel's Xeon E5520 processors.


The MB has three power connectors:


1] 24-pin EPS 12V power connector

2] 8-pin EPS 12V power connector

3] 8-pin EPS 12V power main connector


I would like to use HX850W as a power supply for my workstation. I have found following sentences in user manual of HX850W:


If your motherboard has an 8-pin EPS12V socket, connect the 8-pin EPS12V connector directly to your motherboard. Some motherboards have two 8-pin EPS12V sockets. If your motherboard has two 8-pin EPS12V sockets then ensure you connect 8-pin EPS12V cables to both of them.


My questions are:


1) How can I connect two 8-pin EPS12V cables when there is only one on HX850W? Is there any adapter? Or do I have to use two PSUs?

2) Is ATX 24-pin of PSU compatible with 24-pin EPS 12V of motherboard.

3) Is there any better PSU from Corsair to suit my needs?


Thanks to all for your answers.

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Sounds like a misprint. The HX1000W does have two EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin connectors.


According to Corsair's website the HX series starting at the HX520W and up: "Supports the latest ATX12V 2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 Standards. Backwards compatible with ATX12V 2.01"

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