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HX620W cooks everything else inside


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I just bought a HX620W (two days ago), to replace an old (~3years) 600W, different well known power source brand, which had developed a problem that couldn't be identified and fixed and I didn't want to take any chances with it.


The problem is the new HX620's fan idles at all times and never picks up speed, not even when the case temperature gets over 75C and all other fans (processor, graphic card and case fan) are reving at maximum. No matter how high the temperature is, the fan doesn't pick up RPM at all.:(:


I've looked into similar threads about the HX620 and I know that the usual answer is "take the PSU out of the case and run it like that, see what happens".:mad:


The thing is, there's nothing wrong with the computer case, it ran very well and cool with the exact same configuration for a long time, the only difference is that the old source didn't have an ultra-low noise fan. It had a normal, noisy fan which reved up when needed and kept the case cool.;):


The HX620 fan doesn't speed up at all and the heat from inside it radiates into the computer, bringing every other computer part to boiling point.:mad:


Now I know what makes a fan run quiet, lack of movement.


I'm sure it isn't a manufacturing fault and a replacement won't change anything, I'm going for a refund. Meanwhile, I'm already looking for a new PSU, one that actually has a working fan.:(:

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Your fan is working fine, its just that Corsair PSU's are designed to be very quiet. I'm sorry if your case lacks sufficient cooling, but the PSU is not supposed to act as a case fan. Nowadays you're very unlikely to find a PSU with a faster fan as all PSU manufacturers strive for silence.


I have the same HX620 PSU, and its fan does spin extremely slow yet my system is cool to the touch at idle, and moderately warm under load. The PSU only reacts to its own temperature, as it isnt responsible for cooling the rest of the system... I suggest you revise your case cooling.

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The PSU heats up to the point where you can't touch it anymore not the other way around. The source can't cool itself, it gets hot enough to fry eggs on it even kept next to the computer and the fan never picks up speed.


I've just managed to get it sent back and got my money back this morning.:D: It only took 5 minutes to convince the guys from where I bought it to take it back, they were used to have PSU's returned. Anyway, I've had enough of silent fans, I'm looking for a normal working source, just like my old Thermaltake Purepower 600w that worked just fine until I smashed it's power cord entry socket and it developed a permanent buzz, even when it was turned off.


It's gonna be hard to find a new one, but it'll be a noisy and fast one for me this time around. And I understand that means no Corsair.:p: Oh well... at least I haven't burned any of the other components, like so many other guys here on the forum.

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