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Voyager 16gb flash slow


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I just bought a new voyager 16gb flash drive.

I copied a 800mb file to the drive and it took about 1 hour.

I figured there was an issue as I can burn the same file to a cd in no more than 5 minutes at most. I was hoping someone might have a solution to this.

I thought maybe I had to format the drive first or something. I basically opened it up and started using it with no format or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If this is normal, I think I will be sending it back.

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I connected my flash stick into my computer today to test again.

This time I copied a similar 800mb file and it copied within 2-3 minutes which was a reasonable speed. I'm not sure why it copied slow before. If it continues at this speed I am happy. One thing I noticed is that I received it formatted from the factory as FAT32.

My computer runs XP NTFS.. If anyone has any recommendations as if it should be reformatted to improve performance.... please let me know.



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