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Trying to Format 64 GB Corsair Flashdrive


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I have recently bought a 64gb flashdrive and want to format it so that I can have the FULL storage space (64gb), INSTEAD of the 54 gb that is listed when I plug it into my MAC PRO OSX Leopard. From what I understand, I have to download the software(Not sure where to download the software) then install it on my drive...or something like that. I would greatly appreciate someone walking me through the steps or redirecting me to where I can read step by step on how to format my flash drive.


***IMPORTANT: I am formatting it on a PC labtop (specifically IBM labtop). From what I hear about from Engineer Tech Support, I should be doing it on a PC, so that the formatted flash drive will work with BOTH MAC and PC. VERY IMPORTANT, I want to be able for the drive to work on both MAC and PC with the format.



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