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Ram Guy: Help with CM2X2048-8500C5D


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Hey RAM guy! Having some problems with this memory kit.


Built the system in January. Started getting random crashes and reboot loops after a couple of months. Went from OC'd to standard clock on CPU and NB. Have always run memory with correct voltage and timing settings. Started off by blaming the mobo. RMA'd once, still the same problems. RMA'd 2nd time, got a replacement board, still having the same problems. I'm ruling out mobo issues. Down to one of two RAM sticks now. They both faill MemTest, in tandem or isolated. One stick seems to crash hard often during MemTest and shows tons of errors. The other stick is not so bad. I ran it out to 500% coverage with only one error, but an error nonetheless. I am running that stick now by itself and I have not had a BSOD, crash, or reboot loop....yet.


So I have already filled out my RMA form. I have spent endless hours over the course of six months trying to smooth out this build. I've tried loose timings, increasing MCH core, lots of typical troubleshooting scenarios.


Anything else you would recommend?


I have ordered ******** as a replacement to these babies. Wish they would have worked out. =/

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