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sorry question about 2 pair TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX


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purchased add set of twin3x2048-1333c9dhx been sitting in drawer for 6 months, because of issues runnung 4 sticks at 1333. just read post where ramguy said to set mem freq. to 1066. check stability and attempt to OC slightly to get more out of mem. the poster had two different versions both @ 1.5volts.


i have two sets both ver 1.1 but 1@ 1.5volts and 1@ 1.6volts


present settings

dram volt = 1.5

nb volt=auto

cpu volt=1.175

fsb = 333

dram freq=1333

dram tim = auto; and lists tim as 9-9-9-24-60-10-5-5


if i add two sticks drop dram freq to 1066. what dram volt should i use??

my nb volt choices are auto, 1.25, & 1.55


do you confirm this ram guy. what dram volt should i use

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ram guy

i started with 4gb at 1066. but figured why not try.



so i upped freq to 1333, timings manual 9-9-9-24-4-60-10-5-5

nb = auto

memory voltage to 1.9


so far 4 passes memtest86+ no errors usb legacy is disabled


so am i stable with 4 passes ?????

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