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I have just received this Power Supply to replace my old one in my computer which has a Mercury 450W. I have put the unit in my PC and connected all the cables. I thought I had a cable missing 1x EPS/ATX12V 8-4 Pin for connection to the ATX12V1 connector on the top left of my motherboard.


I found on the PSU 2 connectors which was small and had 4 holes in it so I put the 2 4x together and therefore it made 8 so I was able to connect them side by side and that was OK.


The problem was once I connected all the cables together and turned the PC on the monitor light didn't seem to be stable so therefore nothing was appearing on the monitor so I checked all the PSU cables to make sure they were connected. I swapped the PCI-E connector which was connected to the graphics card with the other one as there was 2 but that didn't work.


I performed more tests such as removing 1 stick of RAM after another and tried it but nothing worked.


Can anyoone shed any light on this.

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