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Newegg sent the Wrong PSU


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Well the header is just that.

I ordered the 1k HX psu, they sent me the 850 watt HX.

Well I went ahead and used it cause I've been waiting for so long. I had someone Order me parts and ship them to me, I live On Guam and Newegg doesn't ship to Guam. Anyways.

Well I went ahead and used the PSU, it worked fine when I installed everything on my new i7 build...

Then when I was sure everything worked, I then proceeded to install my loop. That is when everything went bonkers.

I did the usually "paper clip" trick, but I used the 24 pin plug adapter thing. it work filled it up pump is working fine switched it on/off a few times. Then it died. I disconnected all the plugs *I had my radiator fans and the 24 pin connected.

tried it out again.. nothing..

I then tried my older PSU which is an ULTRA 750 PRO or something and it fire up.

I tried hooking the 850 HX back up hoping it'll fire up but to no avail nothing.

Is the thing Dead... I spoken to my friend that ordered me the parts and he said it might of got screwed up from switching it off/on but isn't that what ppl do when they want to fill up there water cooling loop.?

I was gonna return the psu to newegg.. but I think my time of purchase has passed the window.


Another thing he said, that it might of went into some kind of safe mode cause I didn't have enough load on it or something.


I know that I will have to RMA. sooner or later.

The big question, Can you guys ship to Guam. It's a U.S territory such as P.R.

Or will I have complications with the RMA process.


Thanks for you time.



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