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H50 1156 Back Plate Install Question


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I purchased an H50 from Best Buy which included the 1156 back plate. I installed my MB first, then used the open door in the back to install the cooler back plate. The install went well, I think, but I have a question.


I incerted the crome screw pieces in the plastic back plate in the 1156 locations, and I lined it up from the back while looking from the front of the MB until I had all 4 holes lined up, and then secured the round retention bracket from the front. I did not use the 2 way tape as I may want to change it some day, and dont want that mess on my hands.


Now to my question, now that it is all installed, it looks fine in the front, and the heat exchanger / pump seems really secure. However when I open the access door on the back of the mother board tray to check my handywork, I notice now that the bracket looks crooked. Its flush with the mother board back surface, but its a bit tilted, and I am not sure if thats OK.


The way those holes line up, maybe I have it upside down. Other then the look, it seems fine, and secure.


Should I take it all apart and reinstall to make the back plate perfectly straight?

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Thanks Brotha. It seemed even and tight enough. Its not my first BBQ, but my first water block, I am generally a Zalman air cooler guy but the H50 looks great, and is quiet as a mouse. I hear the buzz other talk about, but I have to put my ear on the pump to hear it.


So far so good, all I need is Win7 64 and im ready to complete.

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