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Any update on disappearing drives


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I posted a followup question on Nikonnut's thead yesterday but haven't heard from anyone yet. To summarize, I have an X64 drive that is two months old that disappeared from my client's system and of course, they don't have a backup. After spending a large amount of time reading through a number of other threads, it sounds as though it's a known problem and that a fix is being worked on.


#1 What is the timeframe for that fix


#2 Will the fix preserve my data


I followed Ramguy's suggestion and put a jumper over the two pins used for firmware updates. BIOS does detect the drive after doing that, except the capacity shows up as 137 Gb instead of 64 Gb. I also can't access any of the files on the drive. Every other suggestion out there was done well before I even hit this forum.


This has me really worried since I've installed over a dozen X64's & P128's on a number of clients knowing that Corsair would be the most reliable of anyone out there. That's why I've used their RAM and power supplies for years. I'm going to loose this client if I can't get their data back.





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Jumpering the two pins should work fine... If the system isn't detecting the drive correctly, then please do a few cold starts should get it to detect right, and then back up the data. We will need to get this drive replaced for you or your client, you can go through the link on my signature below to fill out the RMA request.
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