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Possible problem with the VX550W


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I've just purchased a new self-assembled computer (specifications in profile), but can't get it to boot up Windows, or even run in the BIOS stage for more than a minute or two. When it's been running for more than a minute or so, or when it attempts to load Windows, even safe mode, the screen goes blank and doesn't come on again until the computer is restarted. All fans inside the computer keep going after this happens, and I know the monitor is fine since it works with another computer.


I checked the video card on another computer, and it had no problems after running for over 18 hours. I also tried a different smaller video card in the same slot on the motherboard, and it still worked fine after being on for over three hours - I don't have the model number of the card to hand, but it was 256MB and didn't require any extra power cables. The Radeon 4870HD requires two PCI-E 6-pin cables.


Since the computer boots up with a smaller graphics card, yet the Radeon was tested as working, is it possible that the power supply isn't producing enough power? I managed to jot down the voltage readings from the BIOS before it froze again:

  • VCore: 1.312V
  • DDR2 1.8V: 1.936V
  • +3.3V: 2.800V
  • +12V: 11.985V


Is that odd voltage the cause of the problem, or a symptom? Any help or insight would be much appreciated.


edit (14/11/09): Replacement PSU arrived, voltage was measured at 3.3V by the onboard voltmeters, and everything's working fine. Thanks!

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Already tried that, no difference.


However, I tried the power supply in an older computer, and the 3.3V reading was better - consistently above 3.1V, at least. Can a PSU produce different voltages on different systems, or is it a fault with the motherboard? Or is it just that the onboard voltmeters are totally inaccurate?

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The ATX V2.2 tolerance for 3.3v rail should be in ±5% range, that's mean 3.17v(min) 3.30v(norm) 3.47v(max). 2.88v is under minimal voltage range, this is not good. Try to start your computer with minimal hardware component, try to reduce any consummer and check your voltage again
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