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8GB FlashVoyager "Write Protected" within 2 weeks of Purchase !!!


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Yup - I followed the method


It reported the partition deleted

Then on the "Create Primary DOS Partition" it reported :



Did I miss something ?


I could not get it past this part of the method.



*edited by poster* On reflection I would like to apologies to Yellowbeard for the sarcastic tone in my original post. It was totally out of order & uncalled for. His posted work thru for memory Stick problems is detailed, excellent and obviously took time & effort. Qudos to him. A vast majority of the internet relies on people like Yellowbeard altruistically giving of their time and expertise and its not for the likes of me to denigrate such efforts.


Unfortunately it didnt work for me & I think its RMA time for this "Write Protected" dead stick.


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