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Which memory w/ this configuration?


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See my rig details below.


It would not run 8 gig(2gbx4) on a Win7-RC 64 bit setup on my new Intel SSD(yes I did enable AHCI in bios first). I am back to my original setup w/WD Raptor/Win XP 32 bit with 4 gig of the below memory.


Late October I will have in my Win7 retail disc I ordered, which I then want to format the Intel SSD, install Win7 64bit, and put in 8 gig of new memory.


I think the problem is that this memory I have is not happy with my MB. What specific Corsair memory should I buy with this rig?


Thanks for detailed response...


Asus P5B-D(1237 bios) | E8400 @ 3.6ghz

Xigmatek s1283 HSF

nVidia EVGA GTX280 stock

G Skill DDR2-1100(PC2-8800) CL-5-5-5-15(2gbx2)

WD Raptor 74 gig HD (currently)

Intel SSD W25G2 160 gig (Oct 23 2009)

Dell # 2410f 24" (IPS) monitor

External Maxtor HD | SB X-Fi

Win XP 32 bit now

Win7 64 bit (Oct 23 2009)

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