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Dominator GT 1866 & HX1000W

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Hi lovely people,


I need to rma a set of 6gb Dominator GT 1866's (TR3X6G1866C7GT) and my 1000-HX.


Concerning the Dominators - At least 1 stick has died on me. I have had PC issues and was forced to RMA my EVGA Classified motherboard. I received the new motherboard, hooked up everything, and I still had issues. Through trial of elimination, I was able to boot my PC using 1 specific stick in slot 1. No other sticks allowed for a post. Then only 1 stick would work in the 3rd slot. The stick that would work in the 3rd slot would not boot in the first... I do not understand that other than possibly a weak or dying module. However the third stick would not work in slot 5, nor any slot (Dead stick).


The other issue would be the power supply. After receiving the new motherboard like stated above, the pc ran on 4gb's for a few hours of gaming. The system restarted and now it just cycles over and over. Considering I know one of the sticks is functioning, I'm going to blame this on a psu failure. Possibly some deterioration on one of the motherboard related rails.


Both components were purchased late May and assembled about a month later. I'm dying to get this running asap.


I was wondering if you all possibly would help me out with a cross ship assuming I gave my credit card info considering these are two of the top end products offered by a top of the line company.


Thanks in advance Corsair.


The Corsair Obsidian full tower is a sexy beast too. Good job.

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Who can deny attention to this cutie?



By tulsageoff, shot with Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS at 2009-05-28


Well actually, I have not been able to enjoy my PC in months. I'm just wanting to get this stuff finally taken care of. If I need to call a support number let me know please Ram Guy or other Corsair staff.



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Thank you yellowbeard. I have seen your dedicated help for numerous years over at XS.


I'm not certain the PSU is faulty. I'm just not wanting to wait additional weeks after receiving good ram. However, I am going to wait to submit a claim on the PSU since I'm not certain it is to blame.


RMA case number for the ram is 1152299. If there is any fee or anything I can pay to expedite the ram over here I am willing to pay.

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When I narrowed my pc issues down to the ram. I had confidence that corsair was going to take care of the situation from others experiences I've read on various forums. I was not sure how to rma the ram (I've never rma'ed any pc parts). There is an easy nofrills questionaire that ca. Handle his online or you can call customer support (which yellowbeard recommended for my case).


I called customer service and was redirected to a lady to handle my Rma. The receptionist support lady said the office was out for lunch so I left a name and number. I received a call back later that day or the next day which I thought was a superb level if support. I also had minimum phone wait time. Sometimes the phone would go straight to a receptionist with 0 wait time.


Anyways, I received my advanced rma after just asking for it and providing a credit card. Unfortunately, another stick was dead when testing it. Corsair is sending me another set today advanced. I called up the original lady I talked to and she handled it all for me. Since it was a second rma, corsair is paying for shipping. So I am able to use my PC with 4gb of ram until the new stuff comes in. They even offered to hand test it before it shipped.


Thank you all for the absolute best support I could imagine. They are based in California so don't call during their lunch :P Just saying keep up the good service and keep producing the top of the line products and you have a customer for life as well me refering everyone I can on forums and friends coming to me for advice.


Reference rma post: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=81968

please close that thread as well

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