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Help Stability Asus P6T Version 1 and 2000Mhz memory


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I have purchased CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 which I have installed today. Previoulsy a month ago I purchased the other kit was F3-16000CL9T-6GBTD.


With the other kit I could not get them to run at spec even testing at stock speed or thereabouts and memtesting them. I only managed 1450 odd at 3.6ghz overclock with 1.35v QPI.


Now interesting enough when I put the Corsair kit in I found that XMP sets QPI voltage at 1.6V which I thought ok looks high but I will try in fact at 2000 Corsair memory would not post at a lower setting. I then tried the other kit as I hadn't gone that high I think i maxed out at 1.5v before. The other kit booted and tests ok in memtest at 2000mhz.


My problem now is with both kits I still cannot avoid a blue screen shortly after loading windows at 2000mhz at 1804 and @ 3.6ghz Corsair will prime and be one hundred percent ok but the other kit will fail a worker.


What other setting even at stock CPU settings will enable me to obtain stability at 2000mhz? The issue before I overclock is the memory if I can get this stable then I can apply whatever overclock afterwards (my thinking)

Trying higher QPI which I have tried and I know is frowned apon does not resolve the issue. I tried back to back cas delay set to 12 had no effect.


I am glad that I have found one issue that affected my overclocking or clocking to manufactures settings to run at rated speed, but I still have a stability problem on this board to go any higher than the 1804 that I am now at. all other settings at at auto bar cpu which is set to 1.3v. I can run timings of easlily also on the Corsairs.


Please could someone identify a likely cause?

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Sorted I think its my i920 C0 steeping thats problem with stability at 2000mhz. I now have the other set and the Corsairs at 1800Mhz 1.5v QPI and 12 hours prime stable because of the mix of memory.


I am really happy copys at 23000 in everest and 31gb throughput I have in fact setup a ramdisk plus drive using 1 gb for temp and cache which supplements my 2 intel ssd x-25 raid drives getting 2000 mb a second transfer rates and system is fast as hell. :D:

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