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Upgrade from DDR1 & Asus A8N-E


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Hi all,


I have some questions about upgrading my system, I hope you guys can shed some light in the darkness here.


My current system specs are:

CPU: AMD Athlon 3700+

RAM: Corsair XMS TwinX1024 PC3200 (2x512) DDR1 Dual Channel

Mobo: Asus A8N-e


Now I know that 2 matched pairs in dual channel won't work on my MB.


Question 1

Is it correct to assume that, if I put 4x1GB into my memory slots, they'll operate in non-dual channel mode @333Mhz ?


If yes, question 2 will than be:

Question 2

What is considered to be the 'best' option ?

a) use 2GB -> as in 2x1GB in dual channel @400Mhz (I don't think 2x2GB exists ?)

b) use 4GB -> as in 4x1GB non-dual channel @333Mhz -> maybe overclock ?





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I would try DDR333 at 2.75 Volts and Cas 2.5-3-3-7 2t Command Rate and you cannot mix the modules, the two that match need to be in the correct slots for D/C and then the other modules in the second set of slots.
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