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How to maximize DRAM Frequency of CGM2X2GS800 of DV6500?


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Recently i brought 2 CGM2X2GS800 laptop gaming RAM to replace by previous RAM, pair of 1GB 667Mhz, which is came along with my dv6500 laptop when i purchased it. It run smoothly and I just want to set my FSB to DRAM ratio to 1:1, so I check using CPU-Z, my newly installed CGM2X2GS800 RAM which have a maximum capability running at DRAM frequency 400Mhz only run at a speed of 332.7Mhz, i google this problem and seem like i have to change the DRAM frequency at Bios setting, but my laptop Bios does not have this kind of setting for me to tweak my DRAM frequency to more higher value. So i want to ask is it any ways that i can increase it without touching Bios, since those tweaking function at bios is already lock by HP. Any software that is useful to change the DRAM frequency?


My laptop model are HP Pavilion DV6508tx Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz FSB 800MHz


Hope someone can help me, thanks!!

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