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Swapping Gigabyte X58 Extreme to Intel DX58SO - will my memory work?


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For several reasons need to swap out the existing GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard.


Under consideration is the Intel DX58SO.


Current memory is CMG6GX3M3A1866C7

The primary question is will this be ok in the new mobo?

The second question is what would be the best memory settings for performance?


The processor is an i7 950

Running Linux with a bespoke application





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OK we have done some testing and the memory runs fine in the Gigabyte motherboard.


On the Intel board (with the latest bios) we cannot get anything higher that 1066.

Profile 1 gives the option of 1866, but select it and everything stops.


There's nothing to choose in between 1066 and 1866


Its a clear the CMOS and battery out job to get the MB to come back.


I need some memory that will run faster than 1066 - even if I need to cust my losses with the existing sets.


Any further suggestions please.



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