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problem with psu


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hi, my psu (hx620w) started to make a crackling noise now and again so i turned the switch off on the back of the psu,took the side panel off the computer case and checked the wiring making sure all the plugs were connected properly,turned it back on but there was no power to the board.done the test suggested- took the power supply out plugged 1 fan on and unplugged everything else,then put a piece of wire between the green and black wires on the 24 pin but still nothing happened. i filled an rma form in,got a reply saying i needed to speak to technical support express or ramguy.so i sent a message on 2nd 0ct to technical support and am still waiting for a reply,do you have any ideas of anything else to try?? or what shall i do next?? many thanks, :confused:
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