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Corsair 750HX Fan noise and rpm


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I'm looking at 2 different PSU's, the corsair 750HX and the Antec CP-850. I want something that will be extremely quite (ideally almost silent) under normal idle loads (around 150-200 watts). The system that I'm building is listed below, but I doubt that I'll see anymore than 300 watts under full load so either should easily power the system. I like the modular design of the corsair unit better and the fact that it's standard mounting, but I'm wondering if the straight throw design of the antec will allow it to run quieter?


What are your guys experiences with these 2 power supplies in terms of noise and reliability (I know this is a corsair site so chances are most of you guys prefer them :p:, but if you have the HX750 I'd love to hear rather you think it's close to silent or not)?


Motherboard = msi p55-gd80

CPU = i7 860

Memory = 8 gb corsair dominator 1600

GPU = msi GTS 250

Case = antec p183




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I have an HX620 and its easily the quietest component in my PC. In fact when idle its fan is barely spinning (I can almost make out each blade turning). IOn fact it doesn't even seem to speed up much, if at all, when I put the system under full load (300w). I have used several Corsair's but not the HX750, but I can assure it would be just as quiet as the 620.
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