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CM2X2048-8500C5D and GA-MA790X-DS4, getting annoying sound!


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im using 1 of my ram at the moment, when i try to use both im getting an really loud and irretating sound in my headphones when im starting a game, like the one you get when you getting a bluescreen or when the computer hangs up, except my computer doesnt hang up.


the sound disappears when im closing the game, but its there again when i try start it again, so its only there when im trying to play, but i can use firefox and other programs, but not any game...


when im only using 1 of my 2 sticks everything works supreme.. i've been testing em out one by one and still works great, but when im putting in two the sound is ****ed up :/


im using settings and voltage by EPP = 5-5-5-5 timings in 1066,


my memory is CM2X2048-8500C5D and my mobo GA-MA790X-DS4 as i mentioned in the topic..


getting really tired of this now, please help me!


// byrman

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