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H50 and HAF 922


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So this kind of question has been asked before but have not seen anyone ask about the HAF.


Basically I am going to be running the H50 with 2 fans in a push pull config and need to know whether I should be intaking cold air from the back of the case as Corsair recommend or outputting warm air out the back.


My setup is :


Asus Rampage Extreme II X58, all fans speed controlled by motherboard :


H50 with 2 Akasa PWM fans connected via pwm splitter to motherboard

(controlled by qfan)


1 front coolermaster 200mm intake for HD..

1 side coolermaster 200mm instake for GPU's

1 bottom intake positioned to blow upwards *noiseblocker multiframe s2 750rpm)


1 top coolermaster 200mm outtake


Now if I put the H50 in the recommended position, I will be relying on the top fan to exhaust all hot air out of the system, as opposed to using the H50 to exhaust hot air along with the top fan. Now I know the reason for using the H50 as an intake, so colder air is hitting the rad instead of warmer air, but as I am running 2 5870's, this might mean I will be pulling in warm air anyway. And seeing as my case is geared towards positive pressure with 2 large intake fans, wouldn't I be better off using the H50 in push/pull to exhaust ?

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I'm planning to use the H50 to exhaust air from the case. However from what I'm seeing online, it appears to be a case by case basis. So IMO you should try both, and see which gives the overall best performance. GPU temp VS CPU temp.


My plans are, if the H50 dumping heat out of the case yields acceptable cpu temps with acceptable noise, I'm going to keep it that way. But if it ends up with the cpu running really hot and everything else cool, I'll swap it and see what happends.

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