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Corsair Voyager 16GB Speed issue


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HI i bought a voyager 16Gb (The blue one)


I noticed it runs slow, i orignally did a quick format to NTFS int he beginning. After browsing the forum i did the format RAMGUY suggested, making it Fat 3 and via CMD. I also have this HDBENCH program.


Before formatting it was really low, below 4mb.


I formatted and write speed was upto 15, however random write is only 2.5


I put data on it, about 256MB or so of files, probbaly more smaller files.


I did the test again and i got around 7MB write, just with that data on it. What is the issue here? My drive was in a case labelled REFURB however it was advised that it was was just new as that is their process of warranty (replace).


I am in australia so if someone says so i will return it to the retailer.

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You bought it new, but it was a refurb? Was it packaged with something else (either physically or as a special deal?


The only time I'm aware that their USB sticks were ever sold as refurb was with some special combo deal through a distributor.

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