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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D Issues with a DFI LP UT-X48 T2R


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Hey there people from Corsair Labs,


I've been having many issues with my Dominator kit since I bought it. I tried


-2 different motherboards (X48-T2R and P5Q Deluxe)

-Active cooling on the RAM

-Voltages up to 2.15V (a bit over the warranty I know, but it had cooling :D)

-NB voltage up to 1.4V (DFI chipset cooler kept it cool)

-Timings set manually in the BIOS

-BIOS updated

-Tried custom BIOSes

-Tested earlier this evening with Memtest 4.00 and no errors, but errors are popping up randomly, sometimes I get some, sometime I don't (Tested with both sticks, but not one at a time... having the same issue with a kit from another company)

-Tried in different RAM slots

-PSU has been changed (HX-850, I think you guys know which one it is :D, excellent PSU by the way ;))

-Many reformats have been done and my current setup is almost brand new...


I'm out of idea on what to test, I've been having issues for a good 6 months now and it starts to drive me crazy!


Hopefully you guys have an idea on what I haven't tried yet :D:


Mad1723, a very satisfied customer, but tired of memory problems



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IF you are getting the same type of errors with another set of modules I would tend to suspect the MB, have you spoke to DFI to see what they say?


Well, just got my new "cheap" RAM with no fancy clockspeeds,timings or HS,I'll if it fixes it.:sigh!:

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