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TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX problems


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I had similar issues with someone else on this forum


I started with a HW check (Memtest86) and one module. Let the test run for 1 hour (did 1 pass) and no errors found.


Installed the second module (in dual mode, bank 1 & 3 filled). The system booted, MEMTEST86 started and within seconds the system rebooted. and MEMTEST386 started and rebooted. This continued to happen.


Thinking I had found a faulty module I removed the already tested module and started the test again with the I thought faulty module.Let the test run for an hour, and no problem..


Installed the two module once more, now in single mode (bank 1 & 2 filled) and the system started rebooting again..

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