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TWIN2X4096-8500C5C settings for Gigabyte mobo


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I can't seem to get Windows to install on this computer. I've tried the disc on another computer, so the disc isn't the issue. I've also tried another hard drive, so I'm beginning to think it could be an issue with the memory.


It's a brand new computer with new parts. I tried following the settings you had for the ASUS motherboard, but it's still not working. Help, please~


And thanks in advance.

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thanks for the replies. i followed your settings and realized i left out the cpu multiplier.


everything works, but slowly now. was able to reinstall windows. problem is: my cpu is rated at 3.0ghz and my memory is supposedly rated at 1066. right now, my cpu is running at 2.0ghz. i read up about changing the cpu multiplier to 15x to get it to 3.0ghz, but it stops booting after that. right before the windows loading screen pops, the screen goes black and reboots itself.


are there other settings for these memory sticks?

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