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HX650 problem help pleace


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Dear Corsair,


I ordered the Corsair HX650 psu and i received it today.

But i encounter a problem with the 8-pin power cable for the cpu

Just to be sure this is my motherboard:


EVGA X58 SLI LE socket 1366 see link for understanding:




But the 8-pin power connection on the motherboard for cpu does not match the 8-pin power cable of the HX650 psu. I posted a picture see below link for clearance for what i mean. Is this a problem is this normal? Do not want to fry my cpu, so i'm a bit worried. Pleace help. ps: the 8 pin cable is from the psu itself, it is NOT MODULAR its tied with the 24 pin cable


And if you look at your resource of the psu cable-EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin then it DOES match the 8 pin on the motherboard (4 squares)! This is not exactly the same as with my psu. And i'm not willing to risc my cpu to fry. The shape of the 8 pin on the motherboard has a reason for that it has 4 square pins while mine EPS/ATX12V 8-4 has only 2, here is the link:


http://www.flickr.com/photos/41734199@N03/3983883019/ could not make clear photo so i drew 1.


And here is your EPS/ATX12V 8-4 on your site resourse kinda odd picture and still get something wrong.




AND THIS IS WHAT I GET....notice it has just 2 squares!




Or should i split the EPS/ATX12V 8 pin (2 x 4pin) into 4 pin and connect it into the motherboard the other half i will not connect, is this correct?





Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply,


There is a reason they have those shape, If you say i shouldnt worry then please explain it to me, not some short answer: Dont worry.....sorry i'm not here for these kind of answers. If the 8pin ATX12v is compatible then atleast it should match the pins. I mean the designers had a reason to have these pin shapes.

Its not normal that those pins do not match the pins on the motherboard.


I need a exact answer should i split the 8pin ATX12v from your psu cable into 2 and put the HALF of it in the motherboard? I'm not going to force the whole cable into the motherboard...


Thanks in advance

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Our 8pin ATX12v can be splitted into two 4-pins and in order to make both 4-pins fit the 4-pin socket we have to change the way the 8-pin is keyed.


Thanks for the reply,


Ok it can be spitted i already have noticed that. So in other words i could split the 8 pin and just use the half to connect into the motherboard please see picture:


8-pin b


Because the answer you provide doesnt tell me what to do.

Is the way i showed in the link of mine the right way and is it enough to power the cpu?

Could you please provide a solid answer instead of a "general" answer. It doesnt tell me what to do exactly. Right now i'm am quessing from your answer...should i splitt 8 pin in 2 and use one half into the motherboard or forcing the 8 pin into the motherboard regardless if the pins do not match!.


Now i'm back from the start:confused:


I'm starting to regret my purchase this is not what i expected from corsair.

I ask for a simple explenation what to do SPECIFICKLY in my case with the motherboard.


Please could you now provide me for a decisive answer?


Thanks in advance

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