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Corsair HX850 Noises (popping)


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A few months ago i build up my pc.

From the begin on my psu(corsair HX850) was making a buzzing noise all the time, i ignored the sound because it was not too loud but now i am hearing some noises that changes between crackling sounds and buzzing when i start up a game(its most crackling but sometimes it changes to buzzing). When i am not in a game and just on internet etc. i almost can't hear it but when i play a game the noise gets louder. I know for sure it comes from the psu can maybe someone explain what the crackling sounds are and if it is bad?

If the noise does not harm the psu or pc i will ignore it and just putt my music higher so i can't hear it:P but i want to know if it can cause problems.


Crackling has a slow timing so its not crackling fast you sometime hear a pop every 2 secs




Greets, Portugees

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The buzzing noise is not normal on our PSUs. Here are the possible causes: connected to an emulated sine wave UPS, bad power feedback from the video card, and of course a faulty PSU. If the system is current hooked up to a UPS, then please try connecting directly to the wall outlet. Is it possible to test the system with a different video card?
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Hmmm i dont have an ups and at the moment i don't have acces to a different video card but what you mean by bad power feedpack of it??

i have 2 modular pcie cables connected to it because they were a bit longer then the ones that were already on the psu (so i could putt them behind my mobo tray)

Strange enough now when i start the game i dont here the buzzing any more now its like the fan is making a lots of rpm that does shake the whole psu.

Can it be that because he has to produce more power (for the video card)the psu(or psu fan) begins to make more noise/the fan is overworking too cool it down?? Because when i exit the game again and my videocard relaxes again the noise stops also from the psu.

Is that bad power feedbag an psu or videocard issue?



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