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H50 - Dissapointed with Tempertures


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Hi Guys.


My first post on here.


Before we start I was not expecting miracles from the H50, but maybe a drop of a degree or 2.


Specs see above.

i7 @ 4Ghz

Corsair 800D

Artic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


I recieved and installed the H50 on Saturday.


Previous I had been running on a Prolimatech Megahalems Air cooler with 2 x Noctura fans in push/pull.


Getting good temps - Mid 40's idle (about average I've been reading) and High 70's/Very Low 80's (again about average at this speed)


I also reconfigured my other cooling whilst installing the H50:


Added - Silverstone SST-CFP51B Aluminum Bay Cooler + added extra Aska Apache fan on back side of cage

Changed Corsair 140mm Fans for 140mm Sharkoon's

Changed top exhaust fans for 120mm AKASA AK-174BKT-B Auto Thermal Fans


I then went on to install the H50, using 2 x Aska Apachie 120mm fans in push/pull drawing cool air in from the rear case point.


When I booted the machine up I let it Idle for 30 mins to bring up to normal working temp. I notice that using RealTemp the idle temps were about 4-5 degrees hotter than previous. I then ran prime95 for 1/2 hour and similarly those temps were 3-4 degrees hotter than on air.


Ran the machine most of the day whilst gaming and re-ran the tests again on Saturday evening and got the same results a earlier in the day.


Went back to the Megahalems Air cooler thinking on Sunday thinking that it was the new case fan config that I had not got right but to my supprise the fan re-config had lowered the temps even more by about 2-3 degrees, so I knew the input/exhaust fan air balance was O.K


Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

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AS5 needs time to cure for best results, give it 3 days and check again.


Agreed, but not to the extent of 4-5 degrees.


And it doesn't explain the even lower temps on the Megahalems when i re-installed that.


And all of those who doubt, yes I do know how to apply compond properly.

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I use my H50 with push/pull but am exhausting air out of the case.


Idle temps ~40'c, load temps ~70'c with two Xigmatek fans.

If you want a better comaprison between your Megahalems and the H50, run the same fan system adn compare.

I came off a washer-modded TRUE Black and got a slight decrease of around 2'c with my H50 :D

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If you want a better comaprison between your Megahalems and the H50, run the same fan system adn compare.


...This is what I have done and still showing a decrease in Magahalems by about 3-4 degrees.

Anyway, seems everyone else is happy, bound to be some that it doesn't work for.

Happy with the exercise anyway, now running cooler on air.:biggrin:


Thanks for the replies, Much appreciated.

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