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Is there a policy about cable extensions?


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Went to the egg and looked at the PCIe extensions mentioned by one Forum member. Appears to be a mass produced (not specific for Corsair) unsleeved no name, no history product.


I recommend performance PC's for cable extensions. These extensions are full sleeved custom made extensions made by a Corsair P/S retailer, I like and trust my Corsair P/S's to the Performance PC 's product. On the other hand wire is wire and if nothing shorts out how can any thing else matter?


So I ask what's Corsairs policy on cable extensions,espically in regards to warranty? I am not asking for Corsair to recommend a product from another company specifically, can't see that happening.


Are we free to use just what ever we feel best with?


I have 3 Corsair P/S's so I thought I would ask.


Will mods to Molex cables on the HX series void warranty (like making a quick disconnect on each Molex and SATA and PCIe cable)Sometimes I want the cable out of the case rather than wrapping it up and finding a place to stuff it so I mod the end right up close to the P/S and don't have to deal with a unused cable in my case.

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