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I'm new to the forums simply because I have a problem, a big one.


For a couple of months now, My system would freeze up (completely, had to hard reboot), while playing games or doing things that require alot of graphics computing, CPU computing, high Ram Usage).


Unsure of what the problem really was, as the freezes would be fairly random in terms of occurrence while playing.


I decided to upgrade my power supply and GPU (from 640mb Geforce 8800 +600watt) to a geforce 285 OC and a 800watt modular power supply.


When I received my new hardware I decided to re-format my hard drive and start over fresh.


What a mistake this was:

I had numerous problems re-formating, installing, setting up Vista again that I wanted to throw everything out the window.


Problems Ranging from:

BSOD on startup

Random Freezing while installing/re-formating

Random Shut-downs while updating, etc.


Finally, I went in to my roommate's computer, took out his ram (******** 4x1GB @800mhz, put it in mine, and got things installed and updated. As soon as I got everything updated, I put back in my Ram and didnt really get any problems (albeit Bios decided to run it @800mhz). Once I got some games installed I began to get the random freezes.


I replaced my Corsair Ram with the ******** again and tried most of last night to get the system to freeze up while playing a game, and couldnt.



I think what I need help with is either configuring my ram in Bios properly. However I'm not sure what exactly else could be the problem.

-Right now I just have 2 sticks in (4gb), and I have the clocks voltage @ 5-5-5-15-2T, 1066MHz, and 2.1V


Are there known issues with this ram @ 1066mhz (the board was advertised to be able to run @1066), do I have too much ram (8gb)?



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Corsair can't guarantee 2 packages @ 1066 when they weren't tested or sold together, especially since it's putting a large load on the memory controller. Also, the motherboard probably says 8 GB, 1066 MHz, not 8 GB AT 1066 MHz.


In short, try running your memory @ 800 Mhz. If it's not stable, test one stick at a time at the rated timings / voltage using Memtest86+ v4.00 (link on the left sidebar).

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I have not run memtest yet however today I was watching a blu-ray on my dual monitor and I got 3 freezes within 25 minutes.


For the second and third time, I had Windows Task manager running on one window and the movie on the other, so when it would freeze I would have an idea of what the hardware was doing.


I came across a few interesting things.


When my system froze the third time, the Physical Memory Indicator read:


Total (MB) 4093

Cached 2933

Free 0


Also the graphic above that only read 1.41GB was being used.


This was with 2x2GB Sticks running @ 800MHz with timings of 5-5-15 2T, Not sure what the voltage was, either 2.1 or slightly lower, my mobo auto sets voltages.


I did, however try running the windows memory diagnostic and it says that it won't freeze but it most certainly did, it was at 10% for test one for over 3 hours.

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Thank you Ram Guy. I caved and brought in my computer to Geek Squad at best buy for hardware diags because I couldn't get memtest to boot in bios (so I didnt know if it was the memory controller or the dimms) and they found that two sticks were bad.

I will be filling out that form after my flight this evening.

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