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Issues With BSOD Crash


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I keep getting BSOD crashes - the log says its corrupt memory - when i checked memory with metest86+ i had 2400 faults mainly on test 6 ~ 8.

I have checked my bios settings and found my Latency to be 4-4-4-12 - so i have changed to 5-5-5-18 to see if this would improve it. I have also checked page/sec and page faults/sec and found inconsistant faults - +200 at times


with this info i think my memory is dodgy - the only thing i cant check is whether it is my mobo at fault as i dont have another system to install the ram with.


Ok now you have seen the above - any ideas of what else i can do

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already done - voltage is 1.8volts - was wondering wether to up it to 2.1 but im no expert so im not - not had a bsod for a few hours but i still have an issue with page/sec and page fault/sec i also had firefox crashes and random windows services crashing. i have defragged all my drives and tested using various programs - i just need to recheck with memtest86+


if you have any other ideas as to why i get the bsods i would try anythin to sort it.

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